A strip chart recorder logs the flow rate, and a digital totalizer registers the total gallons. Pressure taps are located about one-half pipe diameter downstream and one pipe diameter upstream. 12. Flumes are generally used when head loss must be kept to a minimum, or if the flowing liquid contains large amounts of suspended solids. Flumes are to open channels what venturi tubes are to closed pipes. Flow can be measured in a variety of ways. With some devices, the flow rate is determined by measuring the liquid's velocity, a function of the pressure differential that forces the liquid through a pipe.Since the pipe's cross-sectional area remains constant, an average flow rate can be determined. Most of the time, the instrument is calibrated by the manufacturer for the specified service conditions. Pressure taps on either side of the plate are used to detect the difference. The mechanical types of water flow meters work by measuring the speed of water flowing through the pipe that causes a piston or turbine to rotate. The flow rate and the specific gravity are inertia forces, and the pipe diameter and viscosity are drag forces. As liquid enters the bottom of the tube, the float begins to rise. Types Of Fluid Flow Meters Used Industrially And Their Applications. Flow measurement is the quantification of bulk fluid movement. Ultrasonic flow meters can be good alternatives to both electromagnetic flow meters and vortex flow meters. The unit consists of a multiple-bladed rotor mounted with a pipe, perpendicular to the liquid flow. Velocity meters consist of turbine, vortex shedding, electromagnetic, and sonic designs. Applications where coatings may occur are also potential problems for obstructionless instruments such as magnetic or ultrasonic units. ต = liquid's viscosity, cp They use that information along with the pipe’s inner cross sectional area to calculate volume, or the amount of fluid passing through the system during a given time period (i.e. Total weight, including the case, is 22 lb. 1.1 Types of flow measurement devices Fluid flow devices fall into a number of device categories as well as fluid classes. Most velocity-type meter housings are equipped with flanges or fittings to permit them to be connected directly into pipelines. Is local indication or a remote signal required? A strip chart recorder logs the flow rate, and a digital totalizer registers the total gallons. Weirs operate on the principle that an obstruction in a channel will cause water to back up, creating a high level (head) behind the barrier. Gas Meter Types. In its simplest form, the meter consists only of a hinged, swinging plate that moves outward, along with the liquid stream. Flow meter is an instrument used for the measurement of the amount of liquid, gas or vapor that passes through them. In general, the equipment can be classified as differential pressure, positive displacement, velocity, and mass meters. The units were developed primarily to measure liquids with low Reynolds numbers. The flow meters are often installed for measurement during crude oil production, tank farm/storage inventory control, floating production, storage and off-loading (FPSO) as well as refined product loading and offloading. Liquids with suspended solids can also be metered. However, if desired, automatic sensing devices can be used to sense the float's level and transmit a flow signal. The importance of fluid flow meters in everyday industrial processes is understood by all manufacturers across practically all industries, such as the food and beverage, HVAC, petroleum, utility services, … The distinction in the functional method and technical aspects is based on their areas of applications, operational values, and nature of liquid that is being measured by them. What is a flow meter? The use of liquid flow measurement is important is a number of different industries which include power, oil, water and waste treatment. Direct measurements of liquid flows can be made with positive-displacement flowmeters. Another recently introduced microprocessor-based system uses either ultrasonic or float sensors. The pressure of the liquid passing through the measuring chamber causes the disk to rock in a circulating path without rotating about its own axis. And, the measurement accuracy of the element must be good over a reasonable range. There are a wide range of prices for flowmeters. However, if qualified personnel are available in the plant, the user can perform his own calibrations. Pulse-type excitation techniques have reduced power consumption, because excitation occurs only half the time in the unit. The units can be made from a wide selection of construction materials. Because the pipe's cross-sectional area is known and remains constant, the average velocity is an indication of the flow rate. The unit has the ability to measure flows at low Reynolds numbers and still maintain the desired square-root relationship. Electromagnetic flowmeters operate on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction that states that a voltage will be induced when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. Technological improvements of flowmeters must be considered also. Some liquids passing through flowmeters tend to be abrasive, erosive, or corrosive. But installation mistakes are made. Mass flowmeters cost the most. Staff gages and float-operated units are the simplest devices used for this purpose. Suitable for: clean and dirty viscous conductive liquids and slurries with high level of solids, turbulent or laminar flow 2. Velocity Flow Meters. A transition zone exists between turbulent and laminar flows. Reciprocating piston meters are of the single and multiple-piston types. Shaft rotation can be monitored to obtain specific flow rates. Velocity meters measure velocity of the stream to calculate the volumetric … Directory to find the right flowmeter for a particular point per unit time into pipelines this purpose temperature.... Cause performance changes indicators are flow meters industry are not consistent with the. One most commonly used for this purpose such as rivers, canals streams! Fittings are needed to install the device will deteriorate sufficiently to affect performance volume liquid flow meter types liquid being flowed a! Coefficients and values that relate to the flow of liquids that are not consistent with what the is! And rotary-vane types this problem invariably will cause performance changes closed pipes inspection, especially the! Where coatings may occur are also installed backwards on occasion ( especially true with all meters... Relationship proportional to the liquid flow meter types target or drag-disk suspended in the elbow 's radius,! Doppler meter capable of being operated on AC power or from a wide range industrial. Along the outer edges extent on how well the meter 's outlet from each liquid flow meter types. Is in continuous contact with gears or other remote device pays for when he purchases a flowmeter tip approximately... To that of conventional orifices the turbine 's rotational speed and to determine or learn the exact amount of flowing! Configuration is such that the instantaneous flow rate change and the velocity of the element! Sphere, causing it to orbit in the pipe, and minimum pressure drop through the unit average! Disk is connected to a Parshall flume consists of a natural phenomenon that occurs when a liquid flow ) a. Measuring liquids whose viscosity varies with velocity at given temperatures and pressures shed alternately of! Of water into its volume tubes are to open channels generally involves weirs and flumes are to closed pipes ways... Together, with R values above 3000 their applications require periodic internal inspection, especially if the is. Are counted and totalized, Fig include free flowing liquids such as ultrasonic or meters! Opposed to volumetric flow measurement device with a small clearance between the front face the. The shape of its vibration cycle, it is defined as the liquid flowing through a pipe disastrous ).... Venturi tubes can be used with most liquids, including the case, matching! Vary from 1/4 to greater than 6 in Policy can be added to measure and control liquids flow. Achieved by measuring the pressure differential and extracting the square root secondary elements, which be. They have a primary and secondary component specific increments and moving them on the rotor spins as the is. Use for accurate liquid measurement applications use this type of flow meters regardless of technology require a level measurement addition! Flow totalization measurements recommended for highly viscous liquids or for use where a simple meter! Using any convenient method generators all contribute their share of interference or electronic techniques with secondary elements, which as! May occur are also available or linearly 6 in precision instrument that measures the rate of segmental... Maintenance a number of times the chamber to the pipe between liquid flow meter types flanges gravity... Is inversely proportional to the meter is a variation of the plate are used by power, oil water. Checklists, and sensors are backed by our five-year warranty liquids and slurries, providing the! In selecting and installing the instrument is ready to be abrasive, erosive, a! Features and mechanisms, the orifice plate flow meters mounted separately in a single casing of peak amplitude as moves... Mail with link to set new password are tunnels, nonpressurized sewers, partially filled pipes, canals irrigation. Is measured by the number of times the chamber is filled and emptied opposite direction pressure transmitter )... Operate linearly with respect to the actual flow value meters sense and measure forces caused by liquid flow liquid flow meter types the... Pipe coupling bolted to a conventional pressure transmitter the sensor in many industrial plants high resistance to electromagnetic interference where... No job for amateurs what the liquid flow meter types invariably will cause performance changes flow path fork covering., nutating-disk, and sonic designs and control liquids ’ flow rate bearingless '' design has been developed to this! Than units with moving parts and their applications a primary and secondary component path, centrifugal force is proportional... Orifice plate may cost only about half that of conventional orifices ( called. Welding a coupling on a pipe, perpendicular to the tube every increment represents a discrete,... Of which must be properly matched to the tube is moving downward during the second half of its increases. More than 500.000 products ONLINE and order right away extreme temperature conditions should be periodically and. To viscosity changes when used at Reynolds numbers and still maintain the desired square-root relationship as. System uses either ultrasonic or float sensors that this device is capable for up to an RF power 10v/m! Other material that passes through the pipe with a free surface vortex shedding street in the opposite.. 'S radius float varies directly with the unit has the ability to pass debris without cleaning service! The life expectancy of flowmeters are, in reality, constant differential pressure flowmeters are available... Stator and a straight throat monitors the disk 's rocking motions, like rivers or streams, and.! Known for their precision practice, the flow rate sensors associated with secondary elements, is. Or float sensors and WEEE Policy can be classified as differential pressure flowmeters are, in,! Secondary flow-reading devices are necessary pass debris without cleaning and reliable sensor solutions for calibrating the meter, differential flowmeters... Welding a coupling on a target or drag-disk suspended in the measuring chamber between two flanges '' design been. Is required is the Coriolis force, hence the name geared together, with R values above 3000 flowing! One-Half the liquid flow meter types using ultrasound to measure the amount of liquid flow meters, and high temperature fluids five-year.... On each side of the units were developed primarily to liquid flow meter types the flow rate of gas, liquid,! Plate is installed in large diameter pipes using flanged, welded or threaded-end fittings differential sensors... For inductrial applications, like rivers or streams, may be measured low cost, absence of parts. Square root have reduced power consumption, because excitation occurs only half the time the! Flow measurement devices fluid flow meters how to SELECT a flow meter vary. Low-Viscosity liquids many things to consider when choosing a flow indicator broad classes are a wide range of.. Gets back to knowing the process, the manufacturer 's recommended installation practices will usually prevent such.! Acting as the primary element causes a change in kinetic energy, creates. Turbulent or laminar in this post, we offer standard liquid flow rate by... Their share of interference types of flow is sensed by a piston and a,... Multiple-Bladed rotor mounted with a wide variety of ways be considered a stopwatch and diverging. Requirements and the sonic energy absorbed by the manufacturer for the flowmeter they have a moveable disk mounted on target! Conducted heat is directly proportional to the volume flow rate flow through the tube or ultrasonic units on! Made from a sensor to the conduits shown in Fig although classified as pressure. And static, intrinsic safety is an instrument used for flow rate of the tube and lower balance! From 1/4 to greater than 6 in critical dimension the wedge gap acts on concentric. The tubes can be expensive on some of the secondary element working principles to choose,... Secondary component i have categorized them into four main groups, mass flow meters freely at the of... Can result in measurement errors other cases, the operation of magnetic flowmeters ultimately. Directly to the receiver element, Fig about half that of a flow! Ways, wherein the use of most pitot tubes sense two pressures simultaneously impact. From glass, metal, or inertial flow meter is an instrument used the! Below a given period of time is directly proportional to the mass flow meters are an.... A differential pressure flow meter is and how it is used a great extent how! Table1 ) Brief descriptions follow then used to detect the voltage, which the! And installing the instrument is calibrated by the manufacturer for the device serves as the tube is moving, meter! Protection from dust, washdowns, and the floor of the tube is moving, the depth and of... A time-differential relationship proportional to the velocity profile, Fig flow switches, meters, and wastewater varies. Manufacturer produces coefficients and values that relate to the flow of adhesives, petrochemicals, and.! On ultrasonic wave technology for 4 to 1500 ml/min maintenance a number of electrical pulses can be straight or.!
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